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Important Dates

FY15 City Fiscal Year 2015 expenditure reimbursement requests due no later than 90 days after completion of training/conference event  < 90 Days after course completion         
Sub-Recipient Final Expenditures
 December 31, 2016

Other Projects
  • Strengthen Regional Risk Management and Planning
  • Enhance Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection
  • CBRNE/WMD and All Hazards Response
  • Strengthen Communications Capabilities
  • Strengthen Training, Exercise and Evaluation Programs

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Upcoming Events
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September 29, 2016 - Thursday
092916_AWR-343 Hurricane Awareness
San Diego, CA - Coronado Community Center

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Download Flyer
October 03-04, 2016; Monday - Tuesday
100316-100416_Critical Asset and Risk Management MGT315
San Diego, CA - Environmental Services Building Auditorium

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Only 10 Seats Remaining
October 03-05, 2016; Monday - Wednesday
100316-100516_NIMS ICS 300 Intermediate & ICS FORMS
National City, CA - National City Station #34

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