San Diego Urban Area Security Initiative    

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Other Projects
  • Strengthen Regional Risk Management and Planning
  • Enhance Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection
  • CBRNE/WMD and All Hazards Response
  • Strengthen Communications Capabilities
  • Strengthen Training, Exercise and Evaluation Programs

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Upcoming Events
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please see our Training Calendar.
December 12-13, 2023; Tuesday - Wednesday
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (Dec 12-13, 2023)
San Diego, CA - Strategic Operations

This class has a tuition cost of $550 (UASI reimbursable).  See flyer for registration instructions and more information.

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January 10-12, 2024; Wednesday - Friday
ICS Forms MGT347 ICS 300 MGT904 (Jan 10-12, 2024)
San Diego, CA - San Diego Environmental Services Bldg Jan 10-12, 2024_0800-1700 All students must register with the below link to attend the class. Registrants will be required to upload prerequisites when registering.  Registration Link Please reach out to Terri Smith for any registration issues.
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January 16, 2024 - Tuesday
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders (Jan 16, 2024)
San Diego, CA - Strategic OperationsTo register for this event see flyer for registration instructions;  tuition cost is $350

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January 16-17, 2024; Tuesday - Wednesday
MGT317 Disaster Management for Public Services (Jan 16-17, 2024)
San Diego, CA

Free Training-No Cost  Register Link : Questions pertaining to registration contact Anita McWhorter


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January 29-February 02, 2024; Monday - Friday
Tactical Medicine Technician (Jan 29-Feb 2, 2024)
San Diego, CA - Strategic Operations

This class has a tuition cost of $2500.  See flyer for registration instructions.