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Important Dates

  • FY17 Fiscal Year 2017 expenditure reimbursement requests due no later than 90 days after completion of training/conference event  < 90 Days after course completion
  • FY17 Sub-Recipient Final Expenditures  March 19, 2019
Other Projects
  • Strengthen Regional Risk Management and Planning
  • Enhance Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection
  • CBRNE/WMD and All Hazards Response
  • Strengthen Communications Capabilities
  • Strengthen Training, Exercise and Evaluation Programs

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Upcoming Events
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please see our Training Calendar.
May 28-31, 2019; Tuesday - Friday
052819-053119_Southern California Gang Conference 2019
San Diego, CATravel, Per Diem, Tuition reimbursement, Backfill and Overtime is at the discretion of each agency. Individuals are directed to inquire with their own agency for approval and authorization.
Southern California Gang Conference 2019……………………………………………….19-03692 (Grant Year 2018)

June 04-05, 2019; Tuesday - Wednesday
060419-060519_MGT348_Medical Preparedness & Response to Bombing Incidents
San Diego, CA - Environmental Services BuidlingFree Training / NO COST

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Only 18 Seats Remaining
June 06, 2019 - Thursday
060619_Essential EOC Action Planning (G626-E)
San Diego, CA - San Diego Environmental Servcies Bldg.No Cost Training - FREE

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Registration Closes: 6/1/2019
June 10-14, 2019; Monday - Friday
061019-061419_Tactical Medical Technician
San Diego, CA - Strategic Operations

This class has a tuition cost of $1850 (UASI reimbursable).  See flyer for registration instructions and more information.

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June 11-12, 2019; Tuesday - Wednesday
061119-061219_Mgt345_Disaster Management for Electric Power Systems
San Diego, CA - Environmental Services Building AuditoriumNo Cost - Free Training

This class is part of the Infrastructure Disaster Management Certificate.

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Only 8 Seats Remaining
Registration Closes: 6/10/2019