San Diego Urban Area Security Initiative    

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  • Strengthen Regional Risk Management and Planning
  • Enhance Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection
  • CBRNE/WMD and All Hazards Response
  • Strengthen Communications Capabilities
  • Strengthen Training, Exercise and Evaluation Programs

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Upcoming Events
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April 05-07, 2023; Wednesday - Friday
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions
San Diego, CA - Environmental Services Building AuditoriumThis is an "L" course; meaning FEMA certificates will be issued upon completion of training. 

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Only 11 Seats Remaining
April 10, 2023 - Monday
ICS Forms MGT347 (Apr 10, 2023_0800-1200)
San Diego, CA - San Diego Environmental Services BldgFree Training-No Cost  (0800-1200) Registration Link
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April 10-12, 2023; Monday - Wednesday
ICS 300 MGT904 (Apr 10-12, 2023)
San Diego, CA - San Diego Environmental Services Bldg.Free Training-No Cost  Apr 10, 2023_1300-1700, Apr 11 & 12, 0800-1700 Registration Link
Seats still available! 

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April 10-14, 2023; Monday - Friday
L0105 Public Information Basics (Webinar)
- Webinar

Public Information Basics: To equip participants with the skills needed to be full or part-time PIOs, including oral and written communications; understanding and working with the media; and basic tools and techniques to perform effectively as a PIO, both in the proactive/ advocacy times and crisis/ emergency response.

April 11-12, 2023; Tuesday - Wednesday
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (Apr 11-12, 2023)
San Diego, CA - Strategic Operations

This class has a tuition cost of $550 (UASI reimbursable).  See flyer for registration instructions and more information.

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